Reboot Worship 2017

Here are the links pages for the current (Jan-Feb 2017) Reboot Worship Seminar led by Marcia McFee. It may also be helpful to review Whatcoat’s 2016-17 Worship Plan. Kris Knarr bought our team three copies of Marcia McFee’s book, Think Like a Filmmaker, which I hope we can all read, pass around, and discuss. The link to the book includes a number of free online resources.

  • Week 1 materials – Create Intentional Spiritual Journeys (including the live webinar, recorded Wednesday, January 11, 2017). Our Annual Worship Plan is the framework for this annual journey in eight worship (not merely preaching) series, based on the Revised Common Lectionary. The big takeaway for this week was McFee’s challenge to provide the congregation and worship planners with a brief synopsis of the rationale for each series and weekly worship theme.

E-Valu-ation Question for this Reboot Basic: Is the whole of worship steeped in the main message? At what point during worship is the message introduced? Shift your thinking from “sermon series” to “worship series” so that the whole of the worship is proclamation of the message!

  • As a result of this session, I developed a synopsis for our Lent Worship Series: Praying the Psalms of Our Salvation. The synopsis is supposed to answer, (1) What’s the dilemma? (2) What’s the Gospel message?, and (3) Why this worship series?

I made a logo! With Wordswag!

What’s Prayer all about? How do we connect with God? How does prayer work? The Psalms invite us into a life of prayer – a life-transforming communion with God in Christ, who lived and ministered from the power center of the Temple of the Psalms (not made with hands). This Lent/Spring, as the world awakens to new life, let’s follow Jesus in the prayerful music of the Psalms – to the heart of God in the midst of any season or storm of life.

E-Valu-ation Question for this Sunday’s worship. How engaged is the congregation? Is there some way, besides standing, singing, reading aloud, that they are participating? If not, why not? What tangible symbols are you using that can reinforce the message?

E-Valu-ation Question for this Reboot Basic. As you experience your worship this Sunday, think about which of the Multiple Intelligences get a lot of attention and which categories do not. Plan to add these observations to the discussion when you get together to discuss the worship arts with the team (or potential team)!

E-Valu-ation Question for this Reboot Basic: Are there things that happen before or during worship that take you “out of the moment” of worship? What do you do that centers you? What ways are leaders being “spiritual directors” or not? What difference does that make to the whole experience for the congregation?