Meeting 5 – Vision Statement

Twenty-two of us gathered at the end of February to discern Whatcoat’s Vision. Prior to our meeting, we had shared our individual discernment of God’s vision for Whatcoat Church with each other via email. We put the sixteen versions into one Vision Statement Proposals document that we used to review and prepare. As it turned out, we used the Proposals document to identify the words or phrases that resonated with each of us as an essential aspect of God’s vision for Whatcoat.

Dee Waud also passed out an Analysis of the “go do’s” of our vision proposals.

We began the meeting by revising our Mission Statement and formally adopting it: Welcoming all to passionately pursue Jesus and share God’s love with others.

Then we prayerfully read the Vision statement proposals to ourselves while identifying key words and phrases that seemed particularly important to us as Spirit-led. After this review, we gathered into four small groups of five team members each (excluding the pastor), and took turns sharing with the group the most important word or phrase from the vision proposals. Then we returned to the large group and shared what became 20 of the most important parts of the vision God is revealing to us.

The group decided that our pastor would combine these 20 words and phrases into a single document, a draft Vision statement, that the group would review via email before sharing the draft with our congregation at our town meeting on Sunday, March 6.

This is the initial Whatcoat UMC Vision Statement Draft that our Pastor put together from the words and phrases we identified in the meeting.

Please see the Minutes of the meeting here.