Psalm Resources – Networked Streams

Psalm Resources – Networked Streams

  1. Hymnals app (GIA Publications, Inc.) – with PFAS and song samples. This has been my goto daily psalter prayerresource every morning and evening. Every setting except the responsorial settings has a 30 sec audio sample. The only drawback is there are no page numbers, so the considerable index references (which are included) are of little value.
  2. Ninox Database of Psalms, Settings, and RCL Readings. Mac only (OS and iOS) Cloud or local – sync works well. The views on the iPad are more than acceptable; you can update and enter data from the iPad but not change the structure of the views (iPhone views are cramped, but the links work). Most reviews complain about the lack of documentation for Ninox – but if you root around long enough, it’s not hard to find what you need.This app will be the basis of a comprehensive one-stop psalm prayer book app/atlas I’m starting to envision. As it is, I can link all of the settings, RCL references and Psalms. I  knew I needed a database to gather the disparate pieces of information in one place (items in red are on the drawing board):
    1. Psalm, Book number, Anglican/BCP Day (and Jewish/Benedictine/Daily Prayer schedules), Verse count, Settings count (PFAS and personal), and Responsorial availability
    2. First verse and superscription (also a “Motive” standout verse or phrase in the psalm – from the Marian Psalter)
    3. Genre, Type, and Collection
    4. Revised Common Lectionary RCL Link(s)
    5. Prayer and Worship Use
    6. Psalm Prayer(s)
    7. Notes – “best of” gleanings from commentaries with attributions/links
    8. Scripture cross references (by theme and direct quote)
    9. Setting links – including genres, audio links, and score/lyrics to be viewed simultaneously while listening to the sample
    10. Link to Hebrew, Transliteration, and Chant (also, a musical setting) – viewed simultaneously
    11. Devotional/Journal suggestion
    12. Movement suggestion
    13. Curating Worship Suggestion (or note from past worship experience)

  3. Olive Tree Bible app (Mac, iPad and iPhone) with NIV (2011)/TNIV, NRSV, KJV/NKJV, NASB with Strong’s, NLT, CEV, The Message, Hebrew Bible: Westminster Leningrad Codex, Latin Vulgate, and Tanakh. Includes TSK, Thompson’s Chain Refs, and HarperCollins Study Bible notes. Translations and resources cost $20 each after purchasing this cross-platform Mac app.
  4. Tehili MP3 app – includes Psalms in Hebrew, transliterations, and chants – I got this cheap ($4) iPhone-sized app for the transliterations and the chants (which can only be run through from start to finish, not stopped and started verse-by-verse for learning). The Sephardic pronunciation works best for me.
  5. TES 27 Psalms (pronunciation guide and word definitions). Clunky, expensive ($20) app which is great for word-by-word learning, if used with a chant recording.
  6. Catholic NAB Revised app – on iPad
  7. Scottish Metrical Psalter iPad app
  8. iBCP app (hard to navigate)
  9. Divine Office (recordings) and Universalis – Daily Prayer apps
  10. Kindle Library
    1. The Book of Psalms translation and commentary by Robert Alter
    2. Psalms New Cambridge Bible Commentary
    3. The Book of Common Prayer
    4. The Revised Grail Songs
    5. Anglican Psalter
  11. Hard copy Library

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Quest for a Cure

As of early February, after successfully completing the Tour of Sufferlandria, 2017, I felt compelled to train and ride a Sufferlandrian Knighthood DO (not an attempt). This involves riding 10 back-to-back video workouts (with no more than 10 minutes break in between each. Essentially, this boils down to another Total 200 – or its virtual equivalent, a year after that last little fun fest.

I originally planned the DO date for July 22, but the way training is going (especially the first two double trials @ 95%) encouraged me to bump up the date by six weeks, to June 10. The KoS DO involves a fundraiser, and I have chosen the American Cancer Society, setting up a contribution website. I plan to contribute $100 a month (plus overhead) until the KoS DO, as well as invite people to join me every Plateletpheresis donation (April 6, May 4, and June 1) and major cycling event leading up the the DO:

  • Icicle Century – Elkton, MD, Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • Ocean to Bay Double Metric Century – Bethany Beach, DE, Saturday, April 29, 2017
  • Shorebird Metric Century – Salisbury, MD, Saturday, May 6, 2017 (also an ACS fundraising event)
  • Skyline Drive Century – Front Royal, VA, Friday, May 12, 2017

For training, I’m also completing the 10-Week Sufferlandrian Intermediate Road Training Plan. I’m excited about this season’s focus (a season I’m dedicated to climbing, which will culminate in the Civil War Century and Savage Century. Who knows what success I’ll have with fundraising, but I know I will personally contribute $500 to the cause, as well as three units of Platelets, and over 2500 miles of blood, sweat, and tears.

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